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The Fleshpainter Gallery Index of Body Painted Women

Blue & Violet with Black Mesh Painted on Woman's Body

"Labyrinistic Reticulomity"
Composite images consisting of blue and violet with black mesh. Technique: Spray Gun, Paintbrush, Airbrush, and Sponge.

Black Spots & Colorful Design Painted on Woman's Body
"Autophytic Opalescence"
A wispy pattern in multiple colors with black spots. Technique: Spray Gun, Paintbrush and Airbrush.

 Black Torn Netting Over Green Painted on Woman's Body
"Lactiferous Fusillade"
Torn black and green netting were this model's request. A metallic design is also featured in this gallery. Technique: Paintbrush and Airbrush..

Black & Red Diamonds Painted on a Wild Girl's Body
"Tetragonic Rascality"
Red and black diamonds designed by the model. Some wild shots were done in this photo shoot. Technique: Spray Gun, Airbrush, and Stencils..

Multi-Sided pattern Painted on Woman's Body
"Kaleidoscopic Polyhedronosity"
This multi-sided pattern was used for a body paint photo workshop. Technique: Paintbrush, Airbrush, and Stencils.

Red Emblem with Flames Painted on Woman's Body
"Mercurial Perdition"
A red emblem with flames in a high texture was inspired by this model. Technique: Paintbrush, Airbrush, and Texture with Sponge.

Two Women Painted with Ultra Violet Body Paint
"Effulgent Noctilucents"
Three paint jobs of two models in Ultra Violet body paint composted together. Technique: Paintbrush, Airbrush, and Sponge.

Turquoise & Violet Lace pattern Painted on Woman's Breasts
"Decalcomanic Aristocraticity"
A turquoise & violet lace pattern was rendered for this Woman's Breasts. Technique: Spray Gun, Airbrush, Paintbrush and lace.

Hot Pink Curved Pattern with Gold Highlights Painted on Woman's Body
"Luxuriated Eloquently"
A Russian model requested this hot pink and gold emblem. Technique: Paintbrush, Airbrush, and Sponge.

Asian Girl Painted With Barbed Wire Design
"Miscellanea Etceterarocity"
An additional smattering of images from projects of the past which have provided perpetual amusement for Coinsures of the Nude Body Painting Arts.

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This section of the Fleshpainter Gallery contains art-nude images of of women who have been body painted, using airbrush, paintbrush, sponge, and a variety of other methods. These paint jobs can take 6 hours or more to complete, not including the meticulous pre-planning which goes into each creation. Although not all inclusive, it gives a representation of of the verity of styles often requested by the models.
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